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Forum Rules
« on: January 31, 2013, 04:57:29 am »
In order to maintain certain quality of this forum, there are few rules to follow:

  • Opportunity to contribute to this forum is not a right but a privilege. Users violating these rules will be punished by removing this privilege.
  • No posts may violate any applicable EU and US laws. Posts violating laws will be removed and the owner will be denied access to this forum. This also applies to copyright-infringing posts (warez/commercial e-books).
  • Behave yourself. Attacking other forum users, creating conflicts or starting flamewars is prohibited.
  • Keep the quality of the discussion. Off-topic posts and inconclusive messages such as "me too" and "thank you" will be deleted. Think twice about in which board you create a new thread, always choose the one that is most relevant. In the case of apparent disagreement between thread subject and  the purpose of the board your thread may be moved or deleted. Please discuss objectively and thematically. Use descriptive thread names - avoid names like "problem", "stocks", 'trading". Posts with ten question marks in the title will be deleted ...
  • Do not abuse this forum for your SEO and promotion. Using this forum for your commercial purposes without prior consent of the site admin is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated. In particular, any links propagating any trading products or seminars, no matter if in posts or signature, are not allowed. Also, registrations of users whose nick name contains name or website of commercial products may be cancelled. Linking to foreign forums is allowed. You can mention commercial products in your posts if it is relevant to the topic being discussed, but it must not be apparent PR activity. If you would like to propagate your products or seminars on this forum, please contact the administrator first.
  • No spam and no repetitive posts. All messages will be immediately deleted and the user banned.
  • Do not post bugs or issues in the forum. Please use the separate Helpdesk application for that (click Helpdesk in menu).
  • Write in English. The only language permitted in this forum is English.
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