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Title: IB EUR accounts
Post by: Jim John on March 03, 2020, 11:09:09 am

Is PTL Trader still limited for accounts with USD as base currency ?

Trial of PTL on my paper account in EUR seems nevertheless working on the US stocks.

What exactly is not working, currency conversion or something else... ?  Is there a workaround or a new release in plan allowing that ?

Thanks in advance, with kind regards,
Title: Re: IB EUR accounts
Post by: admin on March 03, 2020, 11:53:44 am
Yeah this would require to subscribe to FX EURUSD rates and perform real-time currency conversion in order to have correct money management / margin calculations. So far not many users asked for that, so it was not implemented yet (it is in long-term TODO though).

Is this a blocker for you? Would you purchase the premium is this is implemented?

Kind regards,
Title: Re: IB EUR accounts
Post by: Jim John on March 03, 2020, 04:14:06 pm
Dear Karel,

Thank you for the response.

The subscription is certainly the least difficult part as: "Subscriptions to IBKR's FX markets are free and automatically enabled when you are approved for Global FOREX trading permissions.", I have it enabled by default. Implementing the real-time money management including currency conversion is another story and certainly much more difficult.

I'm on the way of discovering the pair-trading universe and found the platform and tools that you have created very interesting. It certainly took a lot of work, congratulation for. Yes, I would be interested to try the premium if the money management in EUR would be available. So, hope that the long-term TODO might come to realization at a certain moment.

Again thanks, also for considering that further.

With kind regards,